What is Xilam Martial Art?

Martial Arts is of various types and styles. Its origin and practice range from the meditative mountains of China to the more Western arts of fencing. Xilam is a relatively new type of Martial Art that originated from Mexico.
Xilam is a new martial art that is based on the East Asian martial art style but is a preconceived form. It was created by Marisela Ugalde, a female Mexican Martial Arts Veteran.
What is special about Xilam is that it explores the relationships between body techniques and a sense of belonging. The art is closely aligned with Mexican culture, and there are specific philosophies surrounding each movement.nathan dumlao AsCCBr7J XM unsplash min

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What is Xilam Martial Art, and What makes it Unique?

Xilam is a lot like East Asian Martial Arts and is closely aligned with various philosophical principles. It is much more than a set of instructions on how to throw a punch.

Xilam is an art that, though new in practice, has roots tracing back to their ancestors. It is an art that is derived from the traditional war arts of Mexico and the ancient Olmec Civilization. The Olmec civilization is called the ‘Mother Culture’ of Mesoamerica and has heavily influenced the shaping of Xilam.

Xilam fills the void where there is a need for a type of martial art that is uniquely Mexican. Kicks and punches are inherently human. But these can be trained and shaped to fit the philosophies of any culture.

An Insight into the Philosophy and the Principles of Xilam.

Xilam is not just a form of fighting or self-defense. It embodies a holistic approach to wellness and includes a practice that nurtures the mind, body and spirit. To understand the depths of Xilam, you need to understand the principles on which it is based.

Xilam has a close harmony with Nature.

One of the most important philosophies that govern Xilam is its harmony with Nature. It strives to understand and interact closely with Nature, to learn from it and emulate its patterns.
Every move and stance in Xilam mirrors an aspect of the natural world and the elements. For example, the steady resolve of a mountain or the swift agility of a jaguar.

Xilam is about strength and fluidity.

monica leonardi dykwdWZSoDU unsplash minIn Xilam, there is a harmonious blend of strength and agility. It emulates the flow of the water and also the strength it holds. Xilam practitioners channel their inner strength and agility by imitating the unyielding power of a storm or the roaring currents of a river. What flows gently also has impossible power.

What are the techniques of Xilam?

Xilam encompasses many different techniques that are all reflected in its dynamic and fluid Nature.

The various stances and forms of Xilam are an integral part of the art in grounding the practitioner. The techniques and stances act as a bridge that connects the physical form with the metaphysical spirit.

Xilam also does not ignore the aspect and importance of self-defense. It also includes a wide array of combat techniques. There are punches, kicks, throws, grapples and other ground-fighting techniques.

When you train for Xilam, it is not just about perfecting kicks or accumulating bodily strength. It is a well-balanced system where you have to learn to condition your mind and body with the harmony of Nature and foster inner power.

The physical conditioning in Xilam includes various forms of exercise, calisthenics, flexibility training and endurance workouts that hone the human body.

The mental conditioning part of Xilam is the more important aspect of training the mind. It promotes clarity of mind, focus and the ability to handle stress. You will learn to cultivate mindfulness, stabilize your breathing and engage in meditation.

Xilam and Future Trends

The popularity and practice of Xilam are fast growing in Mexico and have attracted the attention of many martial artists around the globe. It is appealing to many due to its holistic and comprehensive approach to self-defense.

Xilam martial arts has even made an appearance on the silver screen and is also featured in many video games. While this is not the original intent of the unique martial art, it is definitely testimony to the rising popularity of Xilam in the modern world.

While the popularity of Xilam grows by the day, there are also many challenges it faces. This is in concern of the future growth and development of Xilam.

hitomi okushima lefURVkc2E0 unsplash min
What are the challenges that Xilam may face in the modern world? One of the biggest challenges is that the commercialization of Xilam may lead to a dilution of its core values. Will Xilam continue to be the comprehensive art of the body and the mind? Or will it be neutralized into just fighting techniques when it clashes with modernization?

Preserving the essential principles of Xilam is difficult the farther and farther human beings go away from Nature. Nature is one of the core essences of Xilam. But rising trends in technology might wipe out the spirit of Nature within humans.

And lastly, Xilam is a lesser-known art that is not very widely known. The real challenge of Xilam lies in reaching people on an international level as well as preserving and safeguarding their traditional roots.

What is Xilam Martial Art: A conclusion

What is Xilam martial art? Xilam is a relatively new form of martial art that was introduced by the Mexican female martial arts practitioner Marisela Ugalde. It is reflective of East Asian martial arts practice and is a form of self-defense that conditions both the body and mind.

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