If you love MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and are really passionate about it, then it’s a good idea to build your own MMA gym at home. Having your own MMA gym at home will make it much easier for you to practice every day, through snow and storms and even during potential lockdowns. 

This article, ‘How to build the perfect MMA gym at home,’ will help you in choosing the ideal location for your gym in your home and select the necessary gym equipment. 

How to build the perfect MMA gym at home?

Select the best spot within your home.

Selecting the ideal spot to build your MMA gym can be challenging. You will have to make sure it is a place free of disturbances, well-ventilated and, of course, free of children. Having heavy bags and gym equipment around children can be dangerous. 

I feel like the perfect spot for an MMA gym in any home is the garage. A garage will have enough space for all your equipment; it is private and free from disturbances. Make sure that your garage is ventilated during the summer. You shouldn’t be working out in a closed environment. 

But if your garage does not have enough space, or if you need the space to park your vehicles, then you must try another spot. Remember that you need a lot of space around your heavy bag. You will need plenty of space to practice kickboxing or Jiu-Jitsu, or you will find yourself punching walls instead. 

If the garage idea doesn’t appeal to you, then you could use any room in your house that is unoccupied and transform it into an MMA gym room. But again, make sure that the room is big enough for a heavy bag to swing around. You can choose a heavy bag that doesn’t have to be hung from the ceiling. sushil ghimire DC5akQJyH4I unsplash min

You can set the room up with some boxing mats and remember to choose gym equipment that is specially meant as home gym kits. You might not be able to fit large and cumbersome bags and equipment into your spare room. 

Additionally, you can also consider setting up your gym on the porch or patio. Practicing on your porch is wonderful, especially in the morning. The ventilation will help build your strength and stamina. But make sure your neighbors aren’t disturbed. 

The living room is not your best option for a home gym. But hanging a reflex bag in your living room is a good idea. Since you would be spending most of your time living there, you will feel motivated to practice with the TV or some music turned on. 

Choose Suitable Training Equipment

When setting up an MMA gym at home, it is important to select the equipment that suits your situation the best. You don’t want to go overboard and clutter up your space. Try to have all the most essential equipment and cut down on the unnecessary. 

Having said that, there is some pre-workout equipment that you must invest in. Pre-workout is necessary to keep you fit and ready. Don’t ever start punching your bag the first thing in the morning. 

Pre-workout equipment you will need includes:

  • A jump rope

A 5-10-minute workout with your jump rope will warm you up and build better flow and timing. It also helps improve your footwork. 


  • Gym mats or exercise mats

You will need these mats for stretching and stand-up training. Choose a large-sized one of about 72” x 72” that will give you enough room for shadowboxing and other workouts. 

dylan nolte ITDjGji 6Y unsplash min

  • Foam roller

Foam rollers are absolutely necessary for every MMA gym. It helps you stretch out any injured muscles in your leg or back. The foam rollers that come nowadays have a vibration. 

The MMA workout equipment you need include:

  • Kickboxing mats

These mats are crucial when kickboxing and practicing with partners. It keeps you safe from injuries and protects you from impact. Try mats like the BalanceFrom tiles that will cover the entire floor of your gym like a jigsaw puzzle. They are easy to set up and dismantle. 

Choose a floor mat that is thick enough to cushion you if you fall.  


  • Heavy bags

Now, this is the centerpiece of your gym. If your home gym does not support heavy weights being hung from the ceiling, then you can choose the ones with a stand. jesper aggergaard 5Ua3axiD0kA unsplash min

I think bags that aren’t so heavy and made of lighter material are better for a home gym setup simply due to safety reasons. Reflex bags are good to practice with. 

You can also buy kits that include heavy bags and speed bags together. And both are important for you to practice. 

You can also include a Century Wavemaster for kickboxing practice. 

How to Build the Perfect MMA Gym at Home: Summary

Creating the perfect MMA gym at home is not difficult. I would say that finding the perfect spot is the hardest part. The next steps involve clearing up your space and filling it with the necessary gym equipment. The gym equipment will cost you a mint, but if you are really passionate about MMA, consider it an investment.

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