UFC 4, the latest installment of the popular mixed martial arts video game series by EA Sports, features a comprehensive career mode where players can create their fighters and rise through the ranks of the UFC. However, the career mode can be challenging, especially regarding the first fight in ufc 4. There has been much debate among players as to whether winning the first fight in career mode is possible, with some claiming it’s impossible and others saying they’ve achieved it. In this article, we will explore this question in-depth and provide tips for improving your chances of success.

Conflicting Opinions

Opinions on whether it’s possible to win the first fight in UFC 4’s career mode seem to vary. On the one hand, a martialartsinsider.com article claims that winning the first fight is impossible, stating that even if you have massive success against the AI opponent, you will still lose the fight. On the other hand, a Reddit user claims to have won the first fight and offers advice on how to do so, suggesting that players should take their time, get in a few jabs, block, and sneak in a few high kicks to the head.

Given the conflicting opinions, it’s difficult to say definitively whether winning the first fight in UFC 4’s career mode is possible. Some players may have more success than others, depending on their skill level and experience. However, with the right strategies and techniques, players may be able to increase their chances of winning the first fight and succeeding in career mode.

Tips for Winning Fights

While opinions may vary on whether winning the first fight in UFC 4’s career mode is possible, some specific tips and strategies can help improve your performance in fights.

One of the most important tips is always to keep your hands up to protect your face and body from strikes. This may sound obvious, but it’s crucial in MMA bouts, where strikes can come from all angles. A GamesRadar article states, “Protecting your face and body in an MMA bout is clearly crucial, yet it can often be overlooked.” Keeping your hands up can reduce the risk of being knocked out or submitted.can you win the first fight in ufc 4

Other tips for improving performance in fights include:

  • Being patient and waiting for the right opportunities to strike or take down your opponent
  • Mixing up your strikes and techniques to keep your opponent guessing
  • Avoiding telegraphed moves or patterns that your opponent may be able to predict and counter
  • Practicing your ground game, including transitions, submissions, and ground-and-pound
  • Keeping an eye on your stamina and managing it carefully to avoid becoming exhausted in the later rounds.

By following these tips and improving your skills and techniques, you may improve your chances of winning fights in UFC 4’s career mode, including the first fight. While it may still be challenging, with enough practice and determination, you can overcome even the most formidable opponents and become a champion in the Octagon.

First Contract Specifications

As a fighter in UFC 4’s career mode, your first contract offer will be for $5,000, which includes $5,000 for both showing up and winning the fight. This may not seem like a large sum, but it’s a starting point for your career, and as you progress, you’ll have the opportunity to earn more money and gain more recognition.

However, it’s important to note that the specifications for this first contract are not listed. This means that you won’t know the specific details of the fight, such as your opponent’s skill level, fighting style, or any other essential factors that may impact your performance.

Despite the lack of information, you’ll still have the option to accept or decline the fight. Accepting the fight may be the best option if you’re confident in your skills and feel ready to take on a new challenge. On the other hand, if you feel unprepared or unsure about the fight, you can decline up to three times without facing any consequences.


Can you win the first fight in ufc 4

In conclusion, the question of whether it’s possible to win the first fight in UFC 4’s career mode is a hotly debated topic among players. While some, like the article on martialartsinsider.com, claim that it’s impossible, others, like the Reddit user who shared their experience of winning the fight, argue otherwise.

Regardless of these conflicting opinions, there are specific tips that players can follow to improve their performance in fights. Keeping your hands up to protect your face and body is crucial, and other tips such as timing your strikes, avoiding being taken down, and utilizing ground and pound techniques can also be helpful.first fight in ufc 4

However, it’s important to remember that success in UFC 4’s career mode may depend on individual player skill and experience. While some players may find the first fight challenging, others may breeze through it without much difficulty.

In the end, the challenge of the first fight in UFC 4’s career mode tests a player’s skills and determination. By staying focused, working hard, and learning from their mistakes, players can overcome this challenge and progress as professional MMA fighters.


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