Is Wrestling a Martial Art?

Yes! Wrestling is a martial art and a combat sport too. It involves grappling with an opponent and trying to obtain a position of advantage within a set of rules. Let’s dive into the history of wrestling and how it has evolved into a popular sport in the 21st century.


What is wrestling?

Wrestling is a sport that involves two competitors. Wrestling is conducted in various styles, techniques and types. It is a sport that is usually meant to determine who is the stronger, faster and skilled of the two contestants.

There are three basic types of wrestling that all originated from the ancient times. These are the belt and jacket, catch-hold and loose styles of wrestling.

In the belt and jacket style of wrestling, the clothing of the wrestlers provide the principle means of holding grip on opponents. In some cases, only a special belt is worn by wrestling (for example in sumo wrestling) and in others a special belted jackets and trousers are worn. Catch-hold style of wrestling is where contestants have to take a prescribed hold of the opponent throughout the fight.bob fisher kVi5zMOUTFc unsplash min

And lastly, loose styles of wrestling are what we see in modern wrestling today. Wrestlers commence the game separated and are free to take any grip of their opponents, except that they cannot take hold of their opponent’s clothes or strangle them.


What is the True Meaning Behind ‘Martial Arts’?

Martial arts is much more than just fighting. It’s a journey towards self-improvement, discipline and skill. In a martial arts match, one is challenged physically, mentally and even emotionally. The sport also involves self-acceptance and belief in their own abilities.

In the Chinese the word ‘mu’ that is translated into ‘martial’ actually means ‘to stop fighting’ or ‘to put down weapons’. The term ‘arts’ refers to the expression of beauty, creativity and skill. So the ultimate goal of martial arts is said to no to fight and cause conflict, but to end a fight and instill peace.

Martial art sessions also include mental improvement along-with physical skill. There is mental strength, courage, character, discipline, ethics and honor too involved. Students are taught how to work in team environments, build friendships and overcome personal boundaries. All martial artists are equal beyond class, title, religion and race when they face against each other.

The true meaning of martial arts lies in conquering the adversities of life and transform our weaknesses into true strength.


15 Different Types of Martial Arts

  1. Karate
  2. Chinese Martial Arts
  3. Mixed Martial Arts
  4. Jujutsu
  5. Muay Thaichris chow 1pUWPMFo6VE unsplash min
  6. Taekwondo
  7. Judo
  8. Boxing
  9. Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  10. Kickboxing
  11. Japanese Martial Arts
  12. Kung fu
  13. Aikido
  14. Krav Maga
  15. Wrestling


7 Reasons Why Wrestling is the Perfect Martial Art

Wrestling is a type of martial art that relies on grappling, strength, leverage, balance and explosive power.

Dan Gable, the legendary Olympic wrestling champion once said “Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy”

This is true, because as I discussed above, wrestling is not just about fighting. It is about overcoming the tribulations and obstacles of life and learning many life skills. Other positive aspects of wrestling include;

It teaches you what personal accountability is

Even if a wrestler is guided by an instructor, it is completely up to the wrestler to win or lose a match. Each wrestler takes responsibility for what happens in a match. Everything depends on their own hard work, practice, skill and techniques.


You learn to be humble

Humility springs from the knowledge that you have nobody to blame if you lose or perform wrongly. This will help you to accept defeat and learn to improve yourself faster. It teaches you not to dwell on your mistakes, but to learn from them and move on.


Wrestling is a good base for MMA-Mixed Martial Arts too

Most champions in UFC and ONE championship have a background in wrestling. The important skills and life lessons taught by wrestling helps you perform better at other sports too. Wrestling also teaches the importance of explosive combat which helps immensely in MMA.

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Wrestling helps you develop basic athletic skills

Wrestling is a complete body workout that requires strength and stamina from all parts of your body. In wrestling, you learn to develop constant pushing, pulling and maintaining a steady stance. You also learn flexibility, core strength and keep balance when utilizing explosive strength.


It Help you develop qualities like endurance and strength

Wrestling is incomparable to most other types of martial arts in terms of the strength and endurance developed. Wrestling utilizes all of the major muscles of the body like the heart, lungs and every muscle in the body that works to produce the explosive strength and non-stop action.


Wrestling teaches you to respect

Wrestling training helps you to appreciate the efforts and practices of teammates and opponents. Due to physical demands, hard work and discipline that goes into wrestling, you develop a sense of mutual respect for your fellow wrestlers.


Learning to Wrestle is a great way to defend yourself

Skills that you learn in wrestling like explosiveness and techniques can be utilized for self-defense. You will be able to resist any tangible threat that comes your way. Who knows, wrestling can even save your life!


So in Conclusion: Is wrestling a martial art?

Yes, it definitely is. Wrestling is an ancient form of combat that includes grappling, keeping balance, using explosive force, leverage and skill to overcome opponents. Not only is wrestling a great sport, but it also teaches human beings better discipline, manners and important characteristics necessary to live a fulfilling life.


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