Personal Life of Josh Watson

Josh Watson is an American lightweight fighter born on October 29, 1982. He is nicknamed Stay Down Current Streak. He is 6 feet tall (183 cm) and weighs 203 lbs. (92.08 kg).

Josh Watson
Josh Watson

Josh Watson Achievements

His fighting stats include seven wins, four losses and 0 draws. He is the 15th ranked of 46 active US Northeast Pro Heavyweights and 10th place the light heavyweight. His last fight was on November 09, 2013, in the NEF weight class heavyweight. His disclosed career earnings were $2,000 US Dollars.

UFC 2023

Josh Watson and the ‘The Academy’ MMA

He is affiliated with the ‘The Academy’ MMA gym in Portland, Maine, where the main coaches and co-owners are Jay Jack and Amanda Buckner. Besides Josh Watson, The Academy has produced famous fighters like Paul Gorman, Elias’ Danger Mouse’ Leland, and Mark ‘Pockets’ Gardner.

Josh Watson and BKFC

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, or BKFC, is the first promotion allowed to hold a sanctioned, legal, and regulated event of bare knuckle in the United States starting from the year 1889. Josh Watson’s BKFC record is 1-1-0, which is Wins-Losses-Draws (KOs).

MMA Fighters
MMA Fighters

In BKFC Montana held on October 09, 2021, Watson lost to Bryant Acheson. However, in BKFC 28 ALBUQUERQUE held on August 27, 2022, he defeated Kyle McElroy and Greg Hardy Jr in BKFC KNUCKLEMANIA 3 held on February 17, 2023.

Josh Watson and Greg Hardy Jr

Greg Hardy’s and Josh Watson’s recent encounter as opponents is a very interesting topic because the first appearance of Hardy in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship did not go as he planned with Watson’s exceptional styles. He knocked out the former Pro Bowl defensive end early in the second round of their fight on Friday night.

Hardy was a massive favorite heading, in a main card heavyweight bout, into his fight with Watson. For the former Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter and NFL defensive player, things went south when he was dropped late during the first round. Finally he finished in the second round.

Fighters inside the ring

however, Watson had a nasty cut over his eye and blood pouring down his face just after his knockdown in the first round. Then, Hardy was essentially saved by the bell. Before the second round was announced, referee Dan Miragliotta and commission doctors appeared to look at the cut.

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