Slamming is a powerful technique in UFC 4 that allows fighters to take down their opponents and gain an advantage in the fight. It involves using a combination of button inputs to execute a forceful takedown, which can cause significant damage to the opponent and disrupt their fighting rhythm. Slamming is an essential skill for UFC 4 players who want to dominate their opponents and win fights, but it also carries some risks if not executed correctly. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to slam in UFC 4, including the mechanics of slamming, the controls for executing slams, and strategies for using them effectively in fights.

How to slam in UFC 4 ?

How to slam in UFC 4 ?

Understanding the Mechanics of Slamming :

Slamming in UFC 4 is a technique that involves taking down an opponent by using a combination of button inputs. The move requires fighters to initiate a clinch with their opponent and then use a specific button combination to execute a slam takedown. The success of the slamming takedown depends on various factors, including the fighter’s attributes, their opponent’s attributes, and the timing of the move. There are different types of slams in UFC 4, including double leg slams, inside trips, and body slams.

One of the benefits of slamming is that it can cause significant damage to the opponent, especially if they hit the ground with force. This can result in the opponent being stunned or dizzy, allowing the fighter to follow up with more strikes or grappling moves. Slamming can also help disrupt the opponent’s rhythm and remove them from their game plan.

However, slamming also carries some risks. If the move is improperly executed, the opponent can reverse the takedown or counterattack with strikes or submissions. Additionally, slamming can be tiring for the fighter, as it requires significant energy to execute. Therefore, fighters must use slamming strategically and rely on it sparingly in their fighting style.

Mastering the Controls for Slamming :

Mastering the controls for slamming in UFC 4 is essential for executing the technique effectively in fights. Here is an overview of the button combinations for executing slams:

Double Leg Slam: Hold R2 (PS4)/RT (Xbox) and press Square (PS4)/X (Xbox)

Inside Trip: Hold R2 (PS4)/RT (Xbox) and press X (PS4)/A (Xbox)

Body Slam: Hold R2 (PS4)/RT (Xbox) and press Triangle (PS4)/Y (Xbox)

To perform a double leg slam, initiate a clinch with your opponent by holding R1 (PS4)/RB (Xbox) and moving the left analog stick towards them. Once in the clinch, hold R2 (PS4)/RT (Xbox) and press Square (PS4)/X (Xbox) to execute the slam.

For an inside trip, initiate a clinch and hold R2 (PS4)/RT (Xbox) and press X (PS4)/A (Xbox) while moving the left analog stick away from your opponent to execute the slam.

To perform a body slam, initiate a clinch and hold R2 (PS4)/RT (Xbox) and press Triangle (PS4)/Y (Xbox) while moving the left analog stick in any direction to execute the slam.

To maximize the effectiveness of slams, it’s essential to time them correctly and position yourself correctly in the clinch. Please set up your slams by using strikes or fakes to get your opponent to lower their guard, then initiate the clinch and execute the slam. It’s also essential to have good positioning in the clinch, with your head against your opponent’s body and your hands locked behind their back to maintain control.

Timing is also crucial when executing slams. Try to time your slams when your opponent is off-balance or moving predictably to increase the chances of success. Finally, conserve your energy and use slams strategically, as they can be tiring to execute and leave you vulnerable to counterattacks.

How to slam in UFC 4 ?

Using Slams Strategically in Fights :

Using slams strategically in fights can be a game-changer, but knowing when and where to use them is essential. Here are some tips on how to use slams effectively in fights:

Use slams to change the momentum of a fight: If you’re struggling to gain control of a fight, a well-timed slam can shift the momentum in your favor and give you the upper hand.

Use slams to take the fight to the ground: If you’re a ground-and-pound fighter or a submission artist, slamming your opponent to the ground can effectively take the fight to where you’re strongest.

Use slams to tire out your opponent: Executing slams can be tiring, and if you can repeatedly slam your opponent, you can exhaust them and weaken their ability to fight back.

When setting up slams, it’s crucial to use feints, strikes, and footwork to make your opponent lower their guard and open themselves up to the slam. It’s also essential to avoid telegraphing your intentions by being patient and waiting for the right opportunity to execute the slam.

Avoiding counterattacks is also vital when executing slams. One way to minimize the risk of being countered is to be aware of your opponent’s movements and anticipate their reactions. Maintaining good positioning and control throughout the slam is also crucial to avoid being reversed.

There are numerous examples of successful slam techniques used in real fights. For instance, in UFC 229, Khabib Nurmagomedov used a well-timed inside trip to take down Conor McGregor and control him on the ground. Another example is Rampage Jackson’s famous power slam of Ricardo Arona at Pride Critical Countdown 2004, which knocked Arona out and solidified Jackson’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world.

Slams can be a powerful weapon in a fighter’s arsenal when used strategically and executed correctly. It’s essential to understand the mechanics of slams, master the controls, and use them in the right situations to maximize their effectiveness and minimize the risk of being countered.

In conclusion, slamming is a crucial aspect of UFC 4 and can be a game-changer in fights. Understanding the mechanics, mastering the controls, and using slams strategically are all essential to execute slams effectively in fights.

Slams can change the momentum of a fight, take the fight to the ground, and tire out your opponent. Using feints, strikes, footwork, and good positioning, you can set up slams and minimize the risk of being countered.

How to slam in UFC 4 ?

To master the art of slamming in fights, it’s essential to practice the button combinations for executing different types of slams, improve your timing and positioning, and be patient for the right opportunity to execute the slam.

By incorporating slams into your fighting style and using them strategically, you can increase your chances of success in UFC 4. With practice and patience, you can become a master of the art of slamming in fights.

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